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Meg SchoolYou may know about public schools and private schools in the US education system. Have you ever heard a type of schools called “magnet schools”? In fact, magnet schools are a type of free public elementary and secondary schools of choice that offer specialized courses. In the US, children usually go to the school within the school boundaries, which means that if you are living in an affluent neighborhood, your child could go to a “good” school. Magnet schools were initially established for the purpose of attracting students from across the regular boundaries to remedy racial segregation in the 1970s. Many school districts have used the magnet school model to put a stop to racial segregation in “good” schools and eliminate disadvantaged group isolation in poorer neighborhood. Magnet schools usually would develop a specialized curriculum to attract students. Nowadays many magnet schools provide students with a focused theme such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), World Languages, Creer and Vocational Education and many others. Most magnet schools admit students by using computer-based lottery. They often do not have any entrance requirements, but some “Gifted and Talented” magnet schools could select their students by using students’ assessment results and recommendations from teachers and/or parents.

  你可能知道在美國教育體系裡有公立學校和私立學校。你聽說過一類被稱為“磁鐵學校” 的學校嗎?

Let us take a look at the magnet schools in our nation’s capital – Washington, DC. Currently there are 34 magnet public schools in District of Columbia, serving around 14,000 students. Some D.C. elementary magnet schools offer Montessori programs for children aging between three and nine. The Montessori model uses a variety of hands-on activities and stresses the learning process over specific content. Also, there are some elementary magnet schools in DC offer bilingual program. Two languages, English and Spanish, are used as a medium for instruction. Children will reach content and language proficiency in both languages. Apart from the elementary magnet schools, magnet schools are in the secondary level as well. One particular magnet high school worth mentioning is Duke Ellington School of the Arts. This school is a college preparatory high school that offers specialized pre-professional training in dance, literary media, communications, museum studies, instrumental or vocal music, theatre, technical design , production, and visual arts. Their enrollment is only through audition.

  讓我們來看看我們國家的首都 華盛頓特區的磁鐵學校 吧。目前在哥倫比亞特區有34個磁鐵公立學校,服務大約14, 000名學生。一些華府磁鐵小學為三至九歲的孩子提供蒙台梭利課程。蒙台梭利教育模式採用多種實踐活動,強調對特定內容的學習程序。此外,還有一些華府磁鐵小學提供雙語項目。英語和西班牙語這兩種語言被用作教學媒介。孩子們將學到兩種語言的專業知識和語言能力。除了磁鐵小學,在中學階段也有磁鐵學校。一個特別值得一提的磁鐵高中是艾靈頓公爵藝術學校。這所學校是一所大學預備高中,提供專業的舞蹈、文學媒體、通信、博物館研究、器樂或聲樂、戲劇、設計生產技術和視覺藝術的職前培訓。他們的入學是需通過演試的。

For parents, you may want to know what the benefits would be if your child attends a magnet school. Diversity is one of the key elements in magnet schools. In general, magnet schools draw a wide-range of students according to their interest in a school focused theme. Therefore, students could come from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Learning in a diverse environment could increase students’ cultural competence. Some other benefits of attending magnet schools could include innovative curricula, more parental involvement, increased teacher and parent satisfaction and higher graduation rates. Are you ready to enroll your child in a magnet school now?

  對於家長來說,你可能想知道,如果你的孩子去上磁鐵學校,會有什麼好處呢。多元化是磁鐵學校的關鍵要素之一。在一般情況下,磁鐵學校吸引廣泛的學校主題項目感興趣的學生。因此,學生可能會來自不同的社會經濟和文化背景。在一個多元化的環境中學習,能提高學生的文化素養。就讀磁鐵學校的一些其他好處, 這就可能包括創新的課程、更多的家長參與、老師和家長持續增長的滿意度以及更高的畢業率。現在你準備好為您孩子報名磁鐵學校了嗎?



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