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出生中國 9歲來美

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【華府新聞日報訊】出生在中國江蘇省南京市,九歲隨父母移民來美國的李依依 (Jessica Li),畢業於馬州洛城李查‧蒙哥馬利高中 (Richard Montgomery High School),順利進入美國首屈一指的普林斯頓大學 (Princeton University)。權威的「美國新聞與世界報導」大學排行榜,最新公佈的名次,普林斯頓大學伋然蟬連第一名。
  普林斯頓大學的吉祥物是老虎,所以我們管叫普大的女學生「普林斯頓虎妹」(Princeton Tiger)。李依依從一個移民小女生,一切從頭開始力爭上游,進入蒙哥馬利高中的IB班,最後申請到長春滕盟校普林斯頓大學,「虎妹」之名,實至名歸,她的求學歷程,奮鬥精神,生命價值,值得新移民仿效、借鏡。
  李依依應邀在9月18日舉行的麥當勞升學講座擔任主講人,分享她的故事,傳承她的經驗,讓後進學習如何創造價值,鼓舞人心。講座的時間是18日上午10點至下午4點,地點就在李依依的母校Richard Montgomery HS, 250 Richard Montgomery Drive, Rockville, MD 20852

Jessica Li: Your Story, Your Values, Your Inspiration
 Jessica Li, an alumni of Richard Montgomery High School, was very active during her high school career. Aside from her rigorous IB courses, she spent a good majority of her time pursuing her passion of writing and advocacy along with serving in the Montgomery County Youth Advisory Committee. If she isn’t at the Rockville Science Day talking about biodegradable peanuts for packaging she is probably at some fundraiser for all sorts of community events and humanitarian causes. She was the editor-in-chief for the MoCo Student and now she writes for the Daily Princetonian! Her dedication towards community service and promoting sustainability has won her several awards. Learn more about her story, her values, and her inspirations of this now, Princeton Tiger.
 Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Science, Math, and Technology Semifinalist (2013)
 Siemens ‘We Can Change the World’ Challenge National Finalist (2014)
 Maryland Clean Energy Center ‘Next Generation’ Award (2013)
 DNA National Essay Contest Finalist (2014)
 Maryland State Honoree of Prudential Spirit of Community Awards (2014)
 Fran Abrams Award for Creative Writing (2014)
Activities currently involved in:
 Daily Princetonian, news editor
 Recipient of the Donald Clive Stuart Award for Sensitivity in Reporting
 Prison teaching, volunteer








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